Compare loans in Finland

Compare loans in Finland quickly and conveniently -2021

With our help, you can now save significantly save on your current loans! Fill out a free loan application here in a few minutes for any financing, Nordic Bank will find you a favorable loan quickly and effortlessly!

Completing a loan application and reviewing loan offers does not oblige you to do anything or take a loan! So you can read the loan offers conveniently online and choose the most suitable financing for you!

In addition to time, you will save hundreds of euros by finding a cheap loan! Nordic Bank finds an affordable loan just for your needs!

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Free loan comparison in Finland easily online!

Comparing offerings from banks and credit institutions is a time-consuming and long process.

Nordic Bank is a convenient and smart way to compare Finnish banks and credit institutions.

You are comparing loans completely free, fill out a simple loan application that doesn’t bind you to anything and allows to compare different offers and possibly save you hundreds of euros monthly.

After submitting a carefully completed loan application, you will receive loan offers, among which you have the opportunity to choose the best loan for you.

A loan comparison can be done any hour during the day and you will receive the first loan offers within minutes!

Compare loans in Finland

You can get the loan to your account in just a few minutes and you can easily save hundreds of euros per month. Through us, you compare loans for free and receive money in your account as soon as possible, by comparing loans, you can save a significant amount. The loan can be conveniently applied online and the unsecured loan can be formalized after receipt of an approved loan offer.

Through us, it is possible to receive loans from 500 euros – up to 70,000 euros. It’s always good to compare loans because the actual annual interest rate may be lower than current loans or if you want to reduce your monthly payment by combining many small loans to one bigger one.

Who gets a loan in Finland?

Nordic Bank helps applicants who are atleast 18 years old with a Finnish social security number permanent residence in Finland and stable income. Applying for a loan is free of charge, we recommend that you fully fill the loan application to review what loan offers you’ve gotten.

For how long period can the loan be paid back?

An unsecured loan in Finland can be applied with up to a 15 year period of paying the loan back by using our free loan application on

Can I refinance previous loans taken in Finland?

Yes, we always recommend comparing different loan offers as in many cases where the customer has several smaller loans with high interest rates, then it makes sense to refinance previously taken loans with one cheaper loan. Fill in the loan application and compare offers!

How much loan can i apply for?

Nordic Bank compares more than 30 lenders in Finland, thus the loan amounts that can be applied for

From 500€ to 70,000€.

One simple loan application and up to 30 loan offers?

Apply for a loan anytime and anywhere, through us you can get to compare Finnish banks and credit institutions quick and easy.

Compare loans easy at any time, in the best case, the loan can be paid to your account on the same day. Refinance your current loans and you don’t need any guarantor or guarantee!

Choose the best loan offer for you, which you can always repay faster. Loan comparison is definitely popular if you want to save money and time by comparing loans.

For payments, offering a lower real annual interest rate is a sensible way to keep your finances in order!

Compare loans in Finland easily

Unsecured loan fast to your account!

You can apply for an unsecured consumer loan and receive money in your account even on the same day.

The effective annual interest rate is often determined by the amount of the loan you apply and the duration of the loan, that way an unsecured consumer loan can easily be the most flexible solution to a situation where money is urgently needed.

You can apply for a free loan conveniently on the Nordic Bank website, after which you can

Review many loan offers, from which you can choose the most favorable for you! Fill in the loan application conveniently online at!